Mr. Takshay Bansal

Mr. Takshay Bansal is the youngest and the passionate member of the Management. He is involved in the expansion initiatives of Dorset Group through efforts that combine New Business Ideas and Understanding the changing Market Dynamics. Takshay Bansal is changing the wings for the organization by taking the manufacturing and Engineering expertize of the group to a whole newer level of perfectionism and cost competitiveness. He is also increasing the product portfolio of the group helping the organization to achieve it's mission and is an active key instrument in designing and implementing the I.T Strategy of the group. He is also taking various other initiatives at a strong pace helping the organization to be more competitive and achieving the mission “ Dorset Inside” and at the same time Great Place to work initiative of the Group. Mr.Bansal has completed his Bachelors of Science in Accounting and Finance from Bradford University along with ( Hons ) from Delhi University, with a deep focus in Marketing and marketing Communications from Haas School Of Business ( University of Berkely,California).

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